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Servus! :) We 
are two siblings, Annabel and Leopold, based in Bavaria, Germany. We live in a household where hunting and dogs are part of our everyday life. While crafting with empty bullets, the idea of The Classic Bullacelet was born. Our parents loved it, and so did our siblings. Soon, we showed friends, and the first orders were made. The next few months were a blast! The Instagram was created, and orders bombarded us. Shortly after that, the combination of our creative and communicative skills led to many more products and a more extensive customer base. Through Bullacelets, we were able to create products that combined what we love, business, and even recycling.

For each Bullacelet product, we use upcycled bullets. We collect these bullets at shooting ranges, where they would have usually been tossed out. After collecting them, we clean and polish them. Each product is then carefully produced with the bullets. 

We want to thank each and every customer and supporter! Every order means so much to us, and we are very grateful for it! Stay tuned for many more products and ideas, so many are planned already! 


Big hug! <3

Annabel & Leopold



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